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EAMAR Cement Products Factory is a cement products manufacturer in Dammam Saudi Arabia, specialized in the production of high quality cement products such as ready mix, block, and interlock. Our products are made of high quality cement, selected aggregates, and accurately calibrated dosage of additives, and water, which are mixed together in central mix drums operated by computer. In the production process, we carefully select our aggregates, based on chemical and physical materials lab tests, performed in our fully equipped labs. Our additives are purchased from trusted suppliers. EAMAR Cement Products Factory is specially equipped with most modern equipment to ensure that products are manufactured in the specified/required quality and specifications and remains in a homogeneous state. Additives are also used to modify the concrete´s characteristics in accordance with the required quality. The last three decades in Saudi Arabia , are considered the real construction revolution since, we developed an execution technology and a building Industry which help to keep the good level and decrease the time consumption in addition to decreasing the economical cost of projects. As a result , and due to the need of the Saudi Market for this industry , we have constructed the Eamar Cements Products Factory on an area of about 30.000 square meters. The factory is equipped with the most updated and state of art equipments , vehicles ,pumps and laboratories which guarantee the quality of our product. In addition we have selected the most qualified expertise in the field to provide the best service and the highest specifications of quality. Therefore we have cooped with the development of this industry and the demand of the Saudi Market for this product.


Ready-mix concrete is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory or batching plant, according to a set recipe, that results in a precise mixture.  To prepare this mixture We in Eamar Cement Products Factory have developed a reliable technical capabilities backed withthe state of art machinery and qualified engineers to meet the requirements of the global standards (ASTM & ACI ).


Eamar has built it’s own independent fully equipped laboratory , capable of performing most of the standard tests of raw materials , fresh concrete , field concrete and curing & compressive strength tests.


●   Los Angeles Abrasion Machine.
●   Compression Machine.
●   Mixer Drum.
●   Measuring Units for ( SLUMP).
●   Electronic Balances.
●   Measuring Units for ( SLUMP).
●   Oven.
●   TDS Meter.
●   Ph Meter.
●   Air Meter (Press up Meter).
●   Hammer (Schimdit Standerd).
●   Our laboratory are equipped to perform thefollowing tests:
●   Slump.
●   Sieve Analysis.
●   Moisture Content.
●   Specific Gravity & Absorption .
●   TDS & PH value for Water.
●   Temperature.
●   Air Content & Density.
●   Compression Strength test.


A set of samples is taken for each mix produced every day , for Slump , Temperature and Compression Tests. Samples are Cured in water tanks for testing at 3 , 7 and 28 days . Test Certificates are issued for the customer when requested, and registered in our records. We are also receiving Mill Certificates form our Cement Suppliers on regular basis for the Physical and Chemical Analysis for cement type I and type V ( cement certificates section 6) while Aggregate (20mm, 10mm,5mm ) , Sand and Water are tested by an Independent Laboratory on monthly basis and the results are available upon request. Our Batching Plants and labs are Calibrated Three times a year by Independent Technical Services Est, that is Accredited by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization.